Reasons why using personalized stickers is a timeless marketing strategy

Have you been reading about experiential marketing strategies and stumbled over sticker marketing? But how on earth can those little sticky things possibly benefit your business? And why should you even consider them? 

Stickers might not be your marketing tool of choice – yet. After reading this article, you might think differently about those adhesive-backed beauties. If stickers are one thing, it is timeless. Did you know that they have been an essential part of advertising since Ancient Egypt? 

Of course, the industry has developed since then. In this blog post, we will focus particularly on personalized stickers. Personalized stickers allow you to choose your favorite material, the right shape and size for you, as well as customized quantities. You can either submit your own design or personalize one using a premade template or pre-selected elements. Many sticker printers offer such online design tools for free. 

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into why stickers are a timeless marketing tool. 

  1. Benefit from positive return on investment

Marketing can be expensive. Statista states that U.S. businesses spent $21.23 billion on marketing in 2019. While extensive marketing campaigns are amazing, it does not mean that you have to spend copious amounts of money on your advertising. What is most important is the return you will get from each campaign. 

With stickers, this can be easy. When you buy them in bulk, each sticker often only comes to a few cents, making this a very affordable marketing tool. On top of that, stickers are very versatile. You can use them to brand your products and your packaging, create personalized merchandise or use them to decorate your store. 

By using stickers, you are almost guaranteed a positive return on investment as they are low-cost, versatile and highly effective. This makes stickers a viable option for no matter the size of your business or the industry you are in. 

  1. Cater to offline channels easily 

Digital marketing has become one of the foundations of business success. For good reason. We highly encourage you to dive deep into the world of digital marketing and learn all about purchase funnels, search engine optimization and email marketing. 

However, there is no harm in catering to different channels and audiences at the same time. Especially since the digital world has become oversaturated with advertising messages, your target audience might not be overly receptive to your campaign when targeted. 

With stickers, you can easily create an offline presence in addition to your digital efforts. All you have to do for this is place an order with your sticker printer of choice – personally, we love working with these guys – and distribute them in real life: take them to industry events, leave them with customers, reach out to universities and schools. All of these tips help you to create an offline brand in a less competitive environment. 

  1. Give a classic a try 

Do you know that gift giving is one of the most established marketing strategies? That is because gifts make us feel good. They forge positive emotions linked to the giver and give your brand a unique position. 

The trick with using gifts as a marketing tool is to find the balance between investment and use: you want to add value to your customers’ experience while maintaining your budget. Stickers are ideal for that as they are low-cost while having a certain allure. When we receive free stickers, we tend not to see them as a means of advertising. 

Stickers also follow the rule of reciprocity, a concept coined in social psychology. It describes the reaction we experience when receiving a gift. Usually, we feel the need to return the favor. In this particular context, customers are then more likely to make repeat purchases or recommend your brand. 

Now, what do you think? Are you ready to order your custom stickers? We hope so and cannot wait to see what you will create. Share your stickers or even additional tips and tricks in the comments below.