Number one piano software package

There are many different piano software packages to choose from, they all talk about how they can drastically improve your playing and are innovative, but is this really true? This article will discuss the # 1 software package currently on the market in an attempt to find out if it is all that it claims to be.
The Piano Wizard software package is widely recognized as the most comprehensive piano educational software on the market, it basically takes the concept of Guitar Hero and applies it to learning piano. Piano Wizard makes learning to play the piano a game, players choose a song they want to play and select the environments in which they want to learn it. At the most basic level, all keys are color-coded and all the player has to do is click the correct key when a character (usually an insect or dinosaur) flies over the top of the keyboard (located at the top of the screen). By using really colorful and attractive environments and with all these cool looking characters, the Piano Wizard software is really drawing users into the game while teaching them to play the piano at the same time; It’s a neat way to make learning fun. There are several levels of difficulty to choose from that help in the transition from playing a fun game to learning music, as users progress through this piano software, colorful insects are replaced by musical symbols, and attractive environments become Staffs.
The most comprehensive Piano Wizard software can be purchased for around £ 90; this includes a free mini keyboard and access to the premium Piano Wizard. This feature allows you to download your favorite piano songs into the program and learn to play them in the same unique way as pre-programmed songs.
This is really a great piano software package that really makes learning to play the instrument fun; I fully recommend this product to both children and adults who get bored of learning to play the piano in the traditional way.