How to Do Technical SEO for Ecommerce in 2021

When setting up your ecommerce website, your priority is to make it visually stunning. You want people to feel amazed when they see the page. Since they can’t go to the store and buy the items in person, online should feel the same. Improving the visual elements can go a long way. However, it’s not only visual appeal that matters. If you want your website to reach many people, it has to follow the right SEO guidelines. Make sure you focus on technical ecommerce SEO rules too. Here’s a short guide on how to improve your website.

Use breadcrumb navigation 

An organized website is more appealing. It guides visitors from the time they open the page until they decide to buy items. It also shows visitors’ paths and makes it easy to go back if they missed anything. If this concept still confuses you, don’t worry. You can always work with a white label services firm. They’re experts in this regard. With their help, it’s easier to organize your page. 

Improve loading time

Another technical SEO aspect to consider is loading time. No one wants to wait for too long until the website loads correctly. If there are issues, people will decide to leave the page and look for other options. It should only take an average of three seconds for the website to open. Otherwise, you will make impatient visitors leave. Remove unnecessary content that slows the loading time. Prioritize the elements that go into your website. Try to reduce the image sizes and enable browser caching. These strategies will gradually improve your page’s loading speed. 

Clean the URL structure

If you notice URLs these days, they look different. It’s as if you’re reading actual sentences. The reason behind a clean URL structure is that they serve as a guide to visitors. They won’t get lost on the website. If you decide to share the links to your page, you don’t have to say a lot. The URL already speaks for itself. It’s better than a URL composed of random numbers and symbols that no one understands. 

Enhance structured data

Consider structured data to improve your website. It also helps in organizing the page and ranking it higher on Google. Include details like product name, price, availability, and rating. Remember that even if you’re on the first page of Google, you will still compete with other options on the page. Therefore, highlighting important elements like rating or price will help people decide. They might click the link and find more information. Even if they didn’t, you can still give them a glimpse of your business and help them think about it. 

Secure your website

If you notice, most websites start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. It means that the pages are more secure. However, it can turn people off when their website isn’t secure since it can lead to identity theft and other cybercrimes. Many people already become victims because of unsecured sites. They will immediately leave the page upon noticing the presence of spyware, malware, and viruses. You can’t lose potential customers for this reason. 

Consider XML sitemap and txt file

The XML sitemap refers to the map that helps search engines navigate the site. The goal is for the search engines to index the most important pages and put them on top. It’s like finding the best features of your page and making them more visible. 

Txt file refers to the pages you don’t want the search engines to find. While it won’t completely block the algorithms from searching those pages, you can slow them down. It helps since these pages are probably bad for your SEO efforts. 

Ecommerce SEO services are necessary

Figuring out how to succeed in the technical SEO aspect can be challenging. If you are yet to try ecommerce SEO, you will find it hard. Allow experts to help you since they already have an idea of how to make your website successful.