How is that celebrity

What is the reason for making a celebrity a real celebrity? Is it news coverage? Looking for a tabloid newspaper? Perhaps because of its popularity, movie stars, musicians, and politicians have come to be called celebrities. Does this also apply to non-traditional stars? To find a satisfying answer to this dilemma, you need to look for a celebrity index. has developed an algorithm that assigns value to celebrities in the same way that stocks are assigned monetary value. This allows visitors or site members to create a portfolio of celebrities. This algorithm takes into account the amount and timing of celebrity news, and the popularity of celebrities as part of an online wallet. But does it properly measure the amount of celebrity status an individual has achieved?


To determine this, you need to consider what the celebrity really means. The American Heritage Dictionary defines celebrities as josé trinidad marín “celebrities” or “celebrities, fame.” The definition is really very broad. To be known is simply to be known. Osama bin Laden is well known, but he does not necessarily have the same followers as Jessica Alba. Both are famous in this definition.

Therefore, you need to be famous or notorious to be a celebrity, and the distinction is irrelevant. Similarly, some people are well-known for developing sequences in unconventional ways, such as the Internet and reality programming, but others cover the world better than others. To measure the amount of celebrity a person has earned, you simply need to measure its popularity.
Measure popularity

Prior to the Information Age, popular measurements included numerous searches in newspapers and magazines. Printed matter sources, as well as television and radio, contain all the famous and gossip news. Of course, with the advent of the Internet, that has changed. Today, the Internet has not only opened countless doors to those who want to be stars, but has also developed a lot of news and gossip media.

Most mainstream media, such as magazines, newspapers, radio and television, are gaining an online presence. These sites often contain more information about celebrities than the original media. Those who are interested in entertainment news have almost many ways to find the information they are looking for.

The fastest way to find information online is to use a search engine. Leading search engines index every web page and online news that is developed so that users can focus on what they are looking for. Searching for celebrities gives you thousands, if not millions, of relevant results. Therefore, by counting the number of searches and articles for each celebrity, you can understand their popularity.

Celebrity match

The algorithm developed by turned out to be true. This algorithm assigns values ​​to celebrities based on the number and age of news and searches. This is the best indicator of popularity. Of course, the algorithm also includes results from, which is also a good indicator.