For several points of steel construction, steel structural manufacturers have something to say

Steel structural buildings have already occupied a certain market, many of the buildings have used steel structures, or mixed construction, in our country, whether it is a first-tier city or a steel structure in tiny cities. Steel structural buildings are favored throughout the building market, and we often have steel structural buildings, light steel villas, and steel structural stereo garages, so do you understand the main points of steel construction? Let’s take a look at Xiaobian:

Most of the steel structural building is high-altitude installation, when carrying it To ensure that the stent can ensure the safety and stability of the construction. When the homogeneous operation, the stent is mostly completed by the steel pipe and architecture. The advantages of this material are not easily deformed, and the stent can be more stable. After strict verification Ensure that the settlement and deflection values \u200b\u200bmeet the standard requirements.

The overall settlement amount of the stent is mainly compressed by the elastic compression of the pole, the void compression of the steel pipe joint, and the foundation of the foundation subsidence, etc., in order to ensure the stability of the bracket, it is necessary to do a good job. Foundation tests, pressure testing and adjustment at any time to ensure steel structural engineering Custom Steel Fabrication installation.

The welding quality of the steel structure is affected by the solder skill, one is the technical ability of itself, and the second is the overall quality, welding of welders. The workers have good technological and strong sense of responsibility to process high-quality steel structures, so the skills of welding workers can be fully enhanced, and the quality can ensure the quality of steel structure welding.

In order to ensure the quality of the steel structure engineering, it is necessary to do a good job before installing, fully master steel The positioning axis of the structure, the support axis, and the position of the pre-buried bolt should be grasped through the detection and actual comparison, the connecting point, the rod, and the node connection should be ensured, and the high steel frame is removed. Batch operation can be done in accordance with its own height.

Key points for steel beams]

Two nodes and high-strength bolts can be tied to the beam at the time of installation. End, according to the order of steel beams, the steel structure engineering is mainly installed, and the main beam champion is 2-3 beams. The main beam order is under, middle, upper and main beams, high strength bolts Reinforcement, the mounting of the main beam is tracked with 3 coillapids to check the verticality and inclination of the steel column to avoid the problem of neutral postal deviation.

The entire steel structure construction process must be performed under the premise of drawings and processing, and the installation is in the premise of installation. Every detail in the construction is very important. The above points areIn the usual construction experience, I hope to help everyone.