Dump Truck Training Simulator – Introduction

Running mine is an expensive operation. Millions of dollars enter planning and organize each mine. Professional of all types of background provides vital expertise to ensure that mine is safe, efficient, environmentally friendly, and profitable.

While lawyers and geologists have a special role to play in everyday mining operations, it is a heavy equipment operator that often makes the biggest difference in the mining business. Speed ​​that works directly the impact of profitability, but also other important considerations.

For example, if a worker causes an accident, most of the operation – if not all – must stop while an expensive effort to assess the accident and bring everything back to speed.

Because equipment used is very expensive, vehicle maintenance is expensive costs for mine. If the operator can use equipment in simulation ferroviaire a way that maintains the life span of the equipment and minimizes maintenance costs, the entire business will be more profitable.

Thus the reason for obtaining and maintaining skilled and quality workers to operate heavy machines.

Mining companies have great interest in their engine operator skills because of cost implications. You can’t just have anyone who drives a slippery Multimillion Dollar truck. But the best learning is done by experience.

“You can’t learn how to drive a truck by watching the video,” said a truck driver. “You have to be behind the wheel and do it.” But mining companies are unable to let people practice and learn from mistakes on their expensive equipment. Fortunately, there is an old technology applied in a new way that saves money and provides good exercises for equipment operators.

Equipment simulator.

Simulator is certainly there for decades, and even consists of most video and computer games (remember driving simulators such as Gran Turismo and flight simulators such as Microsoft Flight Simulator). This simulator can provide a real skill operator that will be very valuable in everyday mining operations, but it is much cheaper than practicing on the real thing.