Automatic solar module production line – solar photovoltaic power generation

Solar photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells directly into electrical energy. Whether it is independently or grid-connected, the Tile Roof Solar Mounting System is mainly composed of solar panels (components), controllers, and inverters, which are mainly composed of electronic components, but do not involve mechanical components.

The solar cell is subjected to packaging protection, and a large area of \u200b\u200bsolar cell module can form a photovoltaic power generation device.

Once the photovoltaic power station is completed, as long as there is a light, it can generate electricity, no longer generate material exchange with the outside. However, the energy of photovoltaic power generation is related to meteorological conditions such as the same four seasons, day and nights and yin. According to the conventional solar cell module, the 1 kW assembly can be 1 degree of electricity in 1 hour. For example, in the case of a conventional family of three appliances, the average can consume 6 degrees a day, so there is a 10-square meter space to put a 1KW solar battery assembly, and 6 hours a day, it can be self-sufficient. The advantages of solar photovoltaic power generation Simple power generation process, no mechanical rotating parts, no fuel, non-emissions include any substance, no noise, no noise Pollution; the distribution of solar resources is widely distributed and inexhaustible.

Wuhan Sanshi Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer specializing in solar photovoltaic laser applications and test equipment. Our company produces laser dociler (for solar cell cutting and dicing) , Solar cell sorting machine (for short-circuit current, open circuit voltage, high power, filling factor, reverse current, etc.), solar component tester (high power, open circuit voltage for solar components), solar module , Short-circuit current equivalent index test), fully automatic / semi-automatic EL defect tester (for testing solar cells, components have cobble, fragment, doubling welding, broken gate and different conversion efficiency single-piece battery abnormal phenomena), string Welder (mainly for tandem soldering of single crystal, polycrystalline cell sheet in full automatic crystal silica solar cell assembly, suitable for crystalline silica solar cells 40 mm \u0026 amp; TIMES; 125mm to 156 mm \u0026 amp; Times; 156mm series welding.) I The company’s deep-cultivation of solar photovoltaic industries can provide you with complete solar battery pack production line consultation solutions. Wuhan Sanshi Photoelectric Photoelectric Battery Board Production Equipment includes: automatic string welding machine, component typometer, upper machine, EL detection machine (including the former and final inspection), IV detection machine, flip machine, automatic aduluring machine, automatic repair Device such as edge machine, automatic group frame, stack machine, cured line, sorting pallet and related photovoltaic component detection experiment.