A Look at the New Pokemon Emerald

The final gem in this Pokemon game series, the Emerald version takes you on a great adventure that gives new challenges and some great additions that are not found in the Sapphire or Ruby. One of the really cool things about the new Pokemon Emerald is the added ability to use a wireless adapter to trade from all versions on the GBA. This feature allows you to move favorite Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, and many of the other tools that you have found useful in other versions.

The graphics on the Emerald have been greatly improved. They Pokemon Crystal ROM are much more crisp and clear and do not have the trail that appears on some of the earlier versions. Packed with over 400 Pokemon to catch, you will find an efficient battle system that takes place in the Land of Hoem.

Team Aqua and Team Magma are heavily involved in the game and after waking their Pokemon a battle begins that the player must stop. The Battle Frontier contains 7 buildings that each contain a different style of battle, rental Pokemon, random rooms, tournaments and more. The Gym Leaders and Elites have been upgraded and a new gym leader has been added.

The 8 badges are earned as you move through each level using the skills that you learn and adding new techniques to your battle knowledge. Each level provides you with a specific goal and battle to fight. In addition, there are Johto Starters, contents, rare legendary Pokemon and Pokemon from other regions.

At the Pokemon Elite Championship Level, you will be able to take on the Elite Four and employ all of the methods, skills, techniques, and knowledge you have gained through the 8 badges. In Ever Grande City you will find a Sealed Chamber quest that will provide you with rare Pokemon to help you in your quest. At this level you will have the ability to select your route and move through level 35 of the Pokemon Emerald game.

Having played the other Pokemon games, I found that this one provided the most challenge and entertainment. It was especially fun to be able to trade versions and be able to breed Pokemon. Once you have made it to the Pokemon Day Care Center you can leave a male/female pair and might have an egg when you re-visit the center. This took a little practice and some reading on the Pokemon boards, but once you have developed a technique you can quickly increase your Pokemon. I quickly learned that breeding two different Pokemon could lead to unexpected results.

If you enjoy Pokemon, then Pokemon Emerald is a natural, and great next step in your gaming. It has enough changes and additions to make the game continue to be fun and challenging. For a beginner, there is plenty information on the Internet when you are starting that will provide the tips and tricks you need to move through the levels and earn your badges.